Heroku launches cloud Postgres database


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Heroku launches cloud Postgres database

Heroku has launched a standalone PostgreSQL database that runs from the cloud.

The Heroku Postgres database-as-a-service product was announced by the company on Wednesday. It is a PostgreSQL database that sits on top of Heroku's platform-as-a-service, which is in turn mounted on top of Amazon's Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure-as-a-service cloud.

"With measured service uptime of four nines (99.99 percent), and designed data durability of 11 nines (99.999999999 percent), the service is trustworthy for mission-critical data," Matthew Soldo, a Heroku engineer, wrote in a blog post. "As of today, these production-quality Heroku Postgres databases are independently available for use from any cloud platform, provisioned instantly, metered by the second, and without contract."

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