Resin Open Source Web Server Powers 4.7 Million Sites


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Caucho Technology's[1] Resin Web Server powers more than 4.7 million websites worldwide, according to the latest release of Netcraft's Web Server Survey. In the report[2], Netcraft noted that the Resin application server experienced strong growth over the past 12 months; seeing an almost tenfold growth from 480k hostnames in February 2011 to 4.7 million (0.77 percent of the market) in February 2012.

"Resin's incredible growth is driven by fast performance speed, built-in server monitoring capabilities and extreme reliability," said Caucho Technology.

Founded in 1998, Caucho Technology released version 1.0 of resin in 1999. Companies including the Toronto Stock Exchange, Salesforce and CNET have deployed on Resin, the Java Application Server designed for high-traffic sites that require speed

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