Intel: What’s Behind the Products you Love?


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Intel: What’s Behind the Products you Love?

When your computing device – be it a smartphone, tablet, or Ultrabook – just ‘works,’ you never have to think about where it came from or how it works. It just does. It’s your window to the world. It’s your connection to your friends and family. It’s how you get your work done. It’s how you shop. It’s how you play. It’s that one thing in your life that you would likely never be willing to give up. And unless you are an energy drink guzzling, over-clocking gaming fanatic; you certainly may not be doing much thinking about where the components like the microprocessor inside your computing device came from.

But you might want to take just a minute or two to reflect on what goes into the manufacturing of that microprocessor you could never do without. Here at Intel we talk about our transistors a lot. We have an army of PhDs working on how to make them more powerful and more energy-efficient every couple of years. But once they’ve done their magic, and design engineers have developed products to make the best use of those transistors, how does that translate to what you care about – the products you love?

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